Farwell Brain Fingerprinting

Farwell Brain Fingerprinting

The Key to Investigating Major Terrorist Attacks, Bringing Terrorist Masterminds to Justice, Preventing Future Attacks, and Responding to the Migrant Crisis


Terrorists have done it again. They have murdered more innocent people in London. Who are the terrorists? In these horrific crimes – and also in the 9/11, San Bernardino, Paris, Charlie Hebdo, Boston Marathon, and Fort Hood terrorist attacks and many more – the perpetrators were known to authorities as terrorist suspects before the attacks, but authorities lacked enough evidence to take action until it was too late. As a result of this lack of information on exactly who the (already suspected) terrorists were and what they planned, many innocent people have died horrible deaths. This highlights the desperate need for a technology that can accurately detect not only who has perpetrated past crimes, but who is involved in the training and planning of future attacks. We have this technology.

Brain Fingerprinting can accurately detect terrorists and criminals, even before they strike, by detecting the record of terrorist crimes, training, and planning stored in their brains. This is not science fiction. It has been tested and proven over 99% accurate at the FBI, the CIA, and the US Navy, published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, and ruled admissible in court.

Dr. Larry Farwell has been successfully implementing Farwell Brain Fingerprinting in classified counterterrorism operations in the Middle East for years.  Details are classified.  However, a recent publication in Cognitive Neurodynamics, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, reported on some of the successes of Farwell Brain Fingerprinting, while not revealing classified details.  Dr. Farwell’s successes included developing Farwell Brain Fingerprinting tests to detect the terrorist masterminds behind a major terrorist hijacking, a major terrorist mass shooting, and multiple major terrorist bombings.  See Farwell and Richardson (2022) on this page: https://farwellbrainfingerprinting.com/research-publications/

These horrific new terrorist crimes, along with the new migrant crisis – where numerous undetected terrorists are undoubtedly among those arriving in the West – and the clear threat to the US and the free world, highlight the desperate need for a scientific technology to detect those who plan, orchestrate, fund, or perpetrate terrorist crimes. Brain Fingerprinting accomplishes this by scientifically detecting the record of the planning or perpetration of terrorism and other crimes stored in the brains of terrorists and criminals. Brain Fingerprinting accurately detects perpetrators, and masterminds who have left no physical trace of their involvement. It can detect terrorists, members of a sleeper cell, terrorist masterminds, and terrorist plans, even before the terrorists strike. It detects other criminals in the same way.

The latest bloody Paris attacks are a terrifying escalation — in scope, weapons, sophistication, and death toll. Unless we quickly implement scientific technology to detect terrorists, we can expect the pattern of ever larger and more deadly attacks to continue – today in London, Paris, and San Bernardino, tomorrow in Washington and throughout the free world.

  • Brain Fingerprinting: A revolutionary Technology -- scientifically detects terrorists and criminals and exonerates the innocent by measuring brainwaves.
  • Detects the record of the planning or perpetration of terrorist acts and crimes, terrorist training, or inside knowledge of a terrorist organization, stored in the brains of the terrorists. Detects other criminals in the same way.
  • Tested and proven over 99% accurate at the FBI, the CIA, the US Navy, in the laboratory, and in real-world criminal cases.
  • Helped to catch a serial killer and exonerate an innocent man falsely convicted of murder.
  • TIME Magazine selected Dr. Larry Farwell, the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting, to the TIME 100: The Next Wave, the century’s top innovators who may be “the Picassos or Einsteins of the 21st Century.”
  • Featured in national and international news media including CBS Evening News, ABC World News, CNN, PBS, BBC, CBS 60 Minutes, ABC Good Morning America, the Discovery Channel, The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME Magazine, and US News and World Report.
  • Patented; Ruled admissible in court; Published in the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Humane, preserves human rights, non-invasive.

White Paper by Dr. Farwell — Brain Fingerprinting: The Key to Investigating the San Bernardino & Paris Terrorist Attacks, Preventing Future Attacks, & Responding to the Migrant Crisis