BF Laboratories, Inc

Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories

  • Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories was founded by Dr. Larry Farwell, the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting.
  • Provides genuine Farwell Brain Fingerprinting technology, the technology that Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. tested and proved at the FBI, the CIA, and the US Navy, and that was ruled admissible in court and published in the leading scientific journals.
  • Obtained contracts with major national government agencies in the USA and overseas.
  • Dr. Farwell and Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories hold the worldwide exclusive rights for Dr. Farwell’s patented Brain Fingerprinting Technology.
  • Our experts are personally trained by Dr. Farwell.
  • Our experts are fully trained, qualified, credentialed, and certified.
  • Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories technology meets the established, published Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Standards.
  • Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories has unique, proven expertise in applying Brain Fingerprinting in solving major crimes.

Brain Fingerprinting science and technology are offered through Dr. Farwell’s company, Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories and Dr. Farwell’s authorized affiliates worldwide. These are the only companies affiliated with the inventor of Brain Fingerprinting, Dr. Larry Farwell, and the only ones offering the genuine Brain Fingerprinting Technology.  No companies other than Dr. Farwell’s have ever successfully implemented Brain Fingerprinting in any government agency in the world, or applied it to solve real-world crimes, or published research in the scientific journals.

Farwell Brain Fingerprinting meets the established, published, peer-reviewed Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Standards.

Caveat Emptor: A number of companies falsely claim to offer Brain Fingerprinting technology and/or to be associated with Dr. Farwell, or to offer technology that is similar to Farwell Brain Fingerprinting or provides the same proven results.  All such claims are false.  Dr. Farwell is not affiliated with these companies. He does not endorse their products or any technology that fails to meet the Brain Fingerprinting Scientific Standards.