Dr. Drew Richardson Statement

FBI Forensic Scientist & Counterterrorism Chief

Dr. Drew Richardson on Farwell Brain Fingerprinting


Dr. Drew Richardson Former Forensic Scientist in the FBI Laboratory & Chief of the FBI’s Chem-Bio-Nuclear Counterterrorism Response Unit:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been asked to write about my views on Brain Fingerprinting testing and how I came to join Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. Before I discuss my research and my decision to join the company, let me give you a little information on my qualifications, and my background at the FBI.

As a senior agent of the FBI and a scientist in the FBI Laboratories for 26 years, I was involved with numerous major criminal and terrorist investigations, examined evidence in some 2,000 cases, conducted and published research, and testified as an expert witness approximately 100 times in federal, state, local and international courts. I received my Ph.D. from the Medical Center at George Washington University. I headed the Bureau’s chemical/biological/nuclear response team, and assisted in the formulation of congressional budget requests for the FBI Laboratory’s counterterrorism needs. My involvement in counterterrorism involved interacting with numerous federal agencies and departments within the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government. I was also involved in the $130 million laboratory construction project and the FBI Lab employee relocation project for the Bureau. I was commended and awarded numerous times over the years for my involvement in these activities.

While at the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA, I was assigned to collaborate with Dr. Farwell in the research, design and laboratory testing of a research study on Brain Fingerprinting technology. In our study, indeed in all the studies to date, Brain Fingerprinting testing has proved to be 100% accurate, wherever a determination can be made. I estimate that up to 70% of major crimes would someday be appropriate for applying Brain Fingerprinting technology. This compares very favorably with conventional fingerprinting and DNA, which are available in only about 1% of cases. Furthermore, I envision that over the next 10-20 years many police officers and investigators throughout the world will be trained as part of their regular law enforcement education to record the elements of a crime scene for use in Brain Fingerprinting tests, just as now they are now careful to preserve DNA samples and fingerprints. There are literally thousands of cases nationwide where the widespread availability of Brain Fingerprinting testing would provide evidence that could help authorities to avoid trying and perhaps falsely convicting an innocent person, or to bring a guilty person to justice. This potential for cost savings alone warrants the closest examination by every conscientious law enforcement professional.

I joined Brain Fingerprinting Laboratories, Inc. as Senior Forensic Scientist and Vice President for Forensic Applications. This was a difficult decision for me, as I had spent my entire career in federal law enforcement. I wished more than anything to maximize my efforts to create a safer, fairer, and more accurate justice system both in my country and worldwide. Based on my evaluation of the potential of Brain Fingerprinting testing as a forensic tool to revolutionize the justice system, and its potential impact in the private sector areas like insurance fraud and corporate security, I decided to join the company. I am very proud to be a member of a terrific team of talented and experienced professionals, and furthermore I would be happy to address any scientific or law enforcement questions to the best of my ability.

Sincerely yours,