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       Dr. Larry Farwell head shot
            Larry Farwell
                August 31, 2014

Larry Farwell holds a black belt in Kungfu, with the rank of "Shifan" ("Young Master").  He taught advanced martial arts at Song's Kungfu Academy under former world champion Grand Master Keychun Song.  Here are some videos of Larry's Kungfu.

                 Kungfu videos

Larry Farwell kungfu flying

                        Kungfu Flying Kick (0:25)

         Larry Farwell kungfu broadsword vs.

               Broadsword vs. Unarmed (1:52)

            Larry Farwell kungfu flying kick
Larry Farwell
                                     Kungfu flying kick

                                     More Kungfu videos

                Larry Farwell kungfu combat

                                        Two vs. One Combat (2:20)

                          kungfu broadsword vs. speak Larry
                                         Broadsword vs. Spear (1:02)

Larry enjoys dancing of all kinds, especially swing and Lindy Hop.  Larry performed with the swing dance troupe Swingphoria for several years, specializing in aerial moves. Here is a video.

                             Swingphoria swing dance Larry Farwell 
                               Swingphoria --  Lindy Hop 
                     "Jumpin' at the Woodside"

                      Farwell full length outside                 Dr. Larry Farwell full length inside

               Dr. Larry Farwell                      Dr. Larry Farwell                           .           August 31, 2014                                              August 31, 2014

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