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Dr. Larry Farwell Brain
                                    Fingerprinting test on serial killer
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                       Dr. Larry Farwell Has Offered a
                $100,000 Reward for Beating a

                   Brain Fingerprinting Test

         And Reported the Results in a Peer-Reviewed Journal

Dr. Farwell has offered a $100,000 reward for beating a Brain Fingerprinting test.    Despite this $100,000 reward, no one has ever beaten a Brain Fingerprinting test.  Dr. Farwell even taught subjects the countermeasures that have proven effective against other, fundamentally different, non-Brain Fingerprinting methods.   Countermeasures had no effect on Brain Fingerprinting.  

Like the highly motivated subjects who were criminal suspects in cases where Brain Fingerprinting could have an impact on the judicial outcome -- e.g., where Brain Fingerprinting was ruled admissible as scientific evidence in court -- all subjects who were motivated by Farwell's $100,000 reward were in every case correctly detected by Brain Fingerprinting.

Dr. Farwell and his colleagues Dr. Drew Richardson, the former chief of the FBI's chem-bio-nuclear counterterrorism response team who conducted Brain Fingerprinting research with Dr. Farwell at the FBI, and Graham Richardson, published the results of the "Real Crimes Real Consequences $100,000 Reward Brain Fingerprinting Study" in the leading peer-reviewed journal Cognitive NeurodynamicsHere is the article:

Farwell, L.A., Richardson, D.C., and Richardson, G.M. (2012). Brain fingerprinting field studies comparing P300-MERMER and P300 brainwave responses in the detection of concealed information. DOI 10.1007/s11571-012-9230-0, Cogn Neurodyn (PDF)

Cognitive Neurodynamics December 2012 article on Brain Fingerprinting by Farwell, Richardson, and Richardson

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