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Dr. Farwell Named to the TIME 100:
The Next Wave

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                                                Larry Farwell Brain

TIME Magazine has selected
Dr. Farwell to the Time100:
The Next Wave,
the top Innovators who may be "the Picassos or Einsteins of the 21st Century."

CBS 60 Minutes
Dr. Larry
                                                          Farwell and
                                                          Mike Wallace
                                                          on CBS 60
Mike Wallace
Dr. Larry Farwell

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Dr. Larry Farwell
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Dr. Larry Farwell, PhD 

Executive Summary on
Dr. Farwell's

Dr. Farwell's Brain Fingerprinting Research at the
FBI and the CIA,
  and in
Detecting Bomb Makers

Dr. Farwell's Testifies in Murder Trial --
Brain Fingerprinting Ruled Admissible in Court

San Bernardino and Paris Terrorist Attacks--
How Brain Fingerprinting can bring the terrorist masterminds to justice, catch the  terrorists before they strike, and prevent the next terrorist attack

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Dr. Larry Farwell

Charles Gibson interviews
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                                          Morning America
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Dr. Larry Farwell
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Brain Fingerprinting
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Dr. Larry Farwell
Brain Fingerprinting

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